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Best Women’s Cycling Shoes for Road and Mountain of 2023

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Looking for the perfect pair of women’s cycling shoes to conquer the roads or trails in 2023? Look no further! With an array of options available, it can be overwhelming to find the best fit for your riding needs.

But fear not, as we have researched for you. From sleek and aerodynamic shoes for road cycling to durable and grippy options for mountain biking, we will take you on a journey to discover the top choices for this year. So, strap on your helmet and prepare to take your cycling game to the next level with the best women’s cycling shoes of 2023.

Best Women’s Cycling Shoes for Road and Mountain of 2023

5. Unisex Cycling Shoes

Unisex Cycling Shoes

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The best choice for women seeking versatile cycling shoes for road and mountain biking in 2023 is a pair of unisex cycling shoes. These shoes are compatible with Peloton, indoor road bikes, and mountain bikes, making them suitable for both men and women. Designed with Delta cleats clip for outdoor pedal use, they also work well for MTB riding. Buyers should be aware that the shoes don’t come with cleats, but they’re praised for their cute and comfortable design.

The shoes provide a comfortable fit without the need for a break-in period and don’t cause rubbing at the heel, which can be painful. The boa feature on the shoes is nice and easy to adjust. However, some users have mentioned that the SPD clips that came with the shoes are made of extremely soft metal and the shoes didn’t come with spacers. These factors may reflect the shoes’ affordable price point.

In a personal experience, the shoes were purchased for a family member who recently started biking and they helped to keep their feet balanced and stable while riding. However, there’s some regret expressed over not purchasing a closeout name brand, suggesting that the quality of the shoes may not be as high as expected given the price point.


  • Cute and comfortable design
  • Boa feature for easy adjustment
  • Suitable for Peloton, indoor road bikes, and mountain bikes


  • Doesn’t come with cleats

4. Womens Cycling Shoes

Womens Cycling Shoes

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For women seeking the best cycling shoes for road and mountain biking in 2023, look no further than these women’s cycling shoes. These shoes are compatible with Peloton spin shoes and are designed for indoor road bike bicycle biking riding. They come with Delta cleats, which provide a secure and efficient connection to the pedals.

When it comes to sizing and fit, some customers who are first-time buyers of women’s size bike shoes have found that ordering a half size bigger than their regular shoe size provides a perfect fit. However, some customers suggest getting a size smaller.

Overall, customers are generally satisfied with these women’s cycling shoes, particularly in terms of sizing and fit. They’ve received positive feedback for their stylish design which works well for indoor training.


  • Compatible with Peloton spin shoes
  • Designed for indoor road bike bicycle biking riding
  • Comes with Delta cleats for a secure and efficient connection to pedals


  • Sizing can be tricky, some customers suggest getting a size smaller

3. ULTIANT Cycling Shoes Mens Womens

ULTIANT Cycling Shoes Mens Womens

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ULTIANT Cycling Shoes Mens Womens are the ideal choice for female cyclists seeking comfortable and reliable footwear for both road and mountain biking adventures in 2023. These shoes are compatible with Peloton and road bikes, and they’re designed to be used with Look Delta cleats. The shoes offer a comfortable fit, although it’s recommended to go half a size larger for those with wider feet. They’re constructed to be sturdy and lightweight, providing the perfect balance of durability and agility.

When it comes to cleat installation, ULTIANT Cycling Shoes offer some useful tips. If you’re using SPD cleats, you may encounter loose retainer bolts when removing smaller cleats. To solve this issue, you can use a plastic bag or bubble wrap to fill in the space around the loose retainer bolt. Then, you can install the Delta cleats over the filled-in space for a secure fit. This solution ensures that there’s no rattle and provides an easy and cost-effective fix.

These shoes are praised for their lightness, comfort, and affordability. They’re also commended for their sturdy and attractive design. However, it’s worth noting that some customers found the smallest size to be a full size larger with no smaller option available. On the other hand, many customers were pleasantly surprised by these shoes, as they were their first pair of cleated bike shoes. They appreciated the perfect fit and recommended them based on the positive experiences of other ladies in their cycling classes.

ULTIANT Cycling Shoes Mens Womens are considered a good entry-level shoe for Peloton and spin bike workouts. It’s important to mention that the SPD clips need to be purchased separately. These shoes are available in a vibrant pink color, adding a touch of style to your cycling gear.


  • Comfortable fit
  • Sturdy and lightweight construction
  • Compatible with Look Delta cleats

  • Slightly tighter fit in the toes

2. Gavin MTB Mountain Bike

Gavin MTB Mountain Bike

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If you’re looking for high-quality, affordable women’s cycling shoes that provide a comfortable fit and great value, the Gavin MTB Mountain Bike shoes are an excellent choice. These shoes have been praised for their good fit, high-quality construction, and overall value.

Many users have found that the shoes fit perfectly, with some even stating that they bought their regular shoe size and had a great fit. The comfort and performance of the shoes have also been highly rated, with users mentioning that they’re comfortable on the bike and provide a protected and reactive feel.

However, there have been some complaints about the shoes pressing against the anklebone, causing discomfort for some users.​Overall, the Gavin MTB Mountain Bike shoes offer a solid option for women cyclists who are looking for a quality shoe at an affordable price.


  • Good fit and comfortable on the bike
  • High-quality construction
  • Great value for the price


  • Some users experienced discomfort around the anklebone

1. Venzo Bike Bicycle Women’s

Venzo Bike Bicycle Women's

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The Venzo Bike Bicycle Women’s cycling shoes stand out as the best choice for female cyclists seeking comfortable, lightweight footwear for both road and mountain biking adventures in 2023. These shoes are designed with a three-strap system, allowing for a snug and secure fit. While some customers have noted that the shoes may run slightly small, many have found them to fit better than their previous shoes.

The lack of a ratchet on the top strap is a minor inconvenience, but the three Velcro straps ensure that the shoe stays in place during rides. Cleats are included with the shoes and are the same as those used by the Peloton brand, making them compatible with various bike types. Some users have mentioned that clipping in and out may be difficult initially, but it becomes easier with time and practice.


  • Comfortable and lightweight design
  • Snug and secure fit with three Velcro straps
  • Compatible with popular bike brands, including Peloton


  • May run slightly small, so consider sizing up

What to consider when choosing the best Women’s Cycling Shoes

Women's Cycling Shoes

Fit and comfort for women’s feet

Considerations for choosing the best women’s cycling shoes should prioritize fit and comfort, as these factors play a crucial role in enhancing performance and reducing the risk of discomfort or injury while riding.

When it comes to fit, it’s important to find a shoe that contours to the shape of your foot without any pressure points or excessive looseness. Look for shoes with adjustable closures, such as straps or boa dials, that allow you to customize the fit to your preference. Additionally, consider the width and volume of the shoe to ensure it accommodates your specific foot shape.

In terms of comfort, look for shoes with ample padding and ventilation to keep your feet cool and comfortable during long rides. It’s also important to consider the sole stiffness, as a balance between rigidity and flexibility can provide optimal power transfer and comfort.

Closure system

To choose the best women’s cycling shoes, it’s important to consider the closure system, which plays a crucial role in providing a secure and customizable fit for optimal performance. Here are three key factors to consider:

  • Laces: Laces offer a traditional and customizable fit. They allow you to adjust the tension throughout the shoe for a personalized feel. However, laces may require more time and effort to tighten and loosen during rides.
  • Velcro straps: Velcro straps are quick and easy to use, allowing for easy adjustments on the go. They provide a secure fit and are ideal for riders who value convenience and simplicity. However, Velcro straps may not offer as precise of a fit as other closure systems.
  • Boa dials: Boa dials provide a precise and micro-adjustable fit. They offer a quick and effortless way to tighten or loosen the shoes with a simple twist. Boa dials are highly customizable and allow for fine-tuning the fit for comfort and performance. However, they tend to be more expensive than other closure systems.

Sole stiffness and traction

When choosing the best women’s cycling shoes, one important factor to consider is the sole stiffness and traction.

The sole of a cycling shoe plays a crucial role in power transfer and stability while riding. A stiff sole ensures that your pedaling efforts are efficiently transmitted to the bike, resulting in improved performance. Look for shoes with carbon or composite soles, as they offer the highest level of stiffness.

Additionally, traction is essential for maintaining grip on the pedals, especially during wet or slippery conditions. Opt for shoes with rubberized or textured soles that provide excellent traction. Some shoes also feature specialized tread patterns or rubber compounds that enhance grip.​Remember to consider your specific cycling discipline, whether it’s road or mountain biking, as the sole stiffness and traction requirements may vary.

Compatibility with pedal cleats

When choosing the best women’s cycling shoes, it’s important to take into consideration their compatibility with pedal cleats. Here are three key factors to consider:

  • Cleat Type: Different pedal systems use different types of cleats. The most common types are SPD (Shimano Pedaling Dynamics) and Look cleats. Make sure the shoes you choose are compatible with the pedal system you use or plan to use.
  • Cleat Positioning: The position of the cleat on the shoe can affect your pedaling efficiency and comfort. Look for shoes that offer adjustable cleat positioning, allowing you to find the optimal position for your feet.
  • Cleat Compatibility: Some shoes are designed to be compatible with multiple pedal systems, offering versatility if you use different bikes or want the option to switch pedal systems in the future. Consider your specific needs and choose shoes that are compatible with the pedal system you prefer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Women’s Cycling Shoes Different From Men’s Cycling Shoes?

Women’s cycling shoes can have some differences compared to men’s shoes. They’re designed to accommodate the anatomical differences between men and women, such as narrower heels and lower-volume feet.​​ Women’s shoes also tend to have a more feminine aesthetic and may come in smaller sizes.

However, the main focus of cycling shoes is functionality and performance, so both men and women can benefit from choosing shoes that provide the right fit, comfort, and features for their riding style.

Can I Use Road Cycling Shoes for Mountain Biking?

Yes, you can use road cycling shoes for mountain biking. Road cycling shoes are designed for efficient pedaling on smooth surfaces, but they can still be used for mountain biking, especially if you’re a beginner or riding on less technical trails.

However, keep in mind that mountain biking shoes offer better traction, durability, and protection. They’ve grippy soles and features like reinforced toe boxes and ankle support.

What Type of Closure System Is Best for Women’s Cycling Shoes?

The best type of closure system for women’s cycling shoes depends on personal preference and the specific needs of the rider. Popular options include traditional laces, hook-and-loop straps, and dial-based systems like BOA.

Laces offer a customizable fit but can be time-consuming to adjust. This closure system allows the rider to tighten or loosen the shoes to their desired level of comfort and support. However, laces can loosen over time, requiring occasional readjustment during a ride.

Hook-and-loop straps provide quick and easy adjustments. With a simple pull-and-stick motion, the rider can tighten or loosen the straps for a secure fit. This closure system is popular among cyclists who value convenience and ease of use.

Dial-based systems, such as BOA, offer precise and on-the-fly adjustments. The rider can simply turn a dial to tighten or loosen the shoes, allowing for fine-tuning during a ride. This closure system is especially popular among performance-oriented cyclists who prioritize optimal fit and stability.


As you embark on your cycling journey, remember that finding the perfect women’s cycling shoes is essential for both road and mountain biking. Just like a painter needs the right brush, a cyclist needs the right shoes to enhance their performance and comfort. With the top options of 2023, you can conquer any terrain with confidence. So, lace up, clip in, and let these shoes be your trusted companions as you pedal towards your goals.