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5 Best MTB Mudguards of 2024

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When it comes to mountain biking, encountering mud and puddles is often part of the thrill. However, dealing with the aftermath of a muddy ride can be less enjoyable, with dirt splattering all over you and your bike. This is where the best MTB mudguards come into play. These essential accessories not only keep you cleaner and more comfortable during your rides but also help protect your bike’s components from mud and debris, reducing maintenance needs and prolonging its lifespan.

With a plethora of options available, ranging from minimalist designs to full-coverage guards, finding the best MTB mudguards can be daunting. In this guide, we’ll delve into some of the top options on the market, considering factors like durability, coverage, ease of installation, and overall performance, to help you choose the perfect mudguards for your mountain biking adventures.

Best MTB mudguards of 2024

5. FETESNICE 2 Pcs Mountain Bike Fender

FETESNICE 2 Pcs Mountain Bike Fender

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For the avid mountain biker seeking reliable protection from mud, dust, and spray, the FETESNICE 2 Pcs Mountain Bike Fender stands out as the top choice in 2024. Made of high-grade 1.2mm thick polypropylene board material, these fenders offer a lightweight and fashionable design with various color options to suit your style. Installation is a breeze with heavy-duty cable ties, ensuring a secure fit on 26, 27.5, 29, Plus Size, and Fat Bike wheel sizes.

These fenders provide good coverage, keeping you clean in various weather conditions. The FETESNICE 2 Pcs Mountain Bike Fender has garnered positive customer reviews, with users praising its protection, ease of installation, and durability during rides.


  • Made of high-grade 1.2mm thick polypropylene board material.
  • Easy and fast installation with heavy-duty cable ties.
  • Lightweight and fashionable design with various color options.


  • Some users may encounter compatibility issues with specific bike models.

4. RockShox MTB Fender

RockShox MTB Fender

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Ideal for riders seeking reliable protection against rocks and debris, the RockShox MTB Fender stands out as a top choice in the realm of MTB mudguards for 2024. Designed for all RockShox fork models, this fender effectively shields stanchions and dust seals from various trail hazards. Its construction from flexible and durable material, along with deep side tabs, ensures longevity and robust protection.

Installation is a breeze with the provided zip ties, fitting well on different bike setups like the Trek Roscoe 7 with a RockShox Recon Fork and 29×2.6 tires. Users have praised its ability to keep mud and debris at bay, maintaining a clean and safeguarded shock. Overall, customer feedback highlights the Fender’s simplicity, effectiveness, durability, and essential role in extending the life of shocks on diverse terrains.


  • Constructed from flexible and durable material for longevity.
  • Easy installation with provided zip ties.
  • Fits well on different bike setups like the Trek Roscoe 7 with a RockShox Recon Fork and 29×2.6 tires.


  • Some users may find the use of zip ties for installation less appealing.

3. NICEDACK Bike Fender

NICEDACK Bike Fender

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Featuring a lightweight yet durable design, the NICEDACK Bike Fender stands out as the top choice for mountain bikers seeking reliable mudguards for their rides in 2024. Made of lightweight PP engineer plastic with a carbon fiber pattern, this fender is durable and flexible at 0.8mm thick, ensuring a long-lasting performance. It includes four fixed points to prevent sliding and is easy to adjust to fit various bicycle frames. The fender comes with 2 adjustable mudguards and a 12-month warranty for added peace of mind.

In a striking red color, the NICEDACK Bike Fender has received positive customer reviews for its easy installation and great appearance, making it a popular choice among mountain bikers looking for a quality mudguard option.


  • Made of lightweight yet durable PP engineer plastic with a carbon fiber pattern.
  • Includes four fixed points to prevent sliding.
  • Easy to adjust to fit various bicycle frames.


  • May require sturdier zip ties for enhanced stability.

2. All Mountain Style Front Mudguard

All Mountain Style Front Mudguard

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The All Mountain Style Front Mudguard from Nicom Group offers mountain bikers a reliable solution for shielding against mud, water spray, dirt, and debris while maintaining a sleek and durable design. This grey/skull-colored mudguard by All Mountain Style is designed to fit all mountain bikes, including trail, e-bikes, and freeride. It’s made with high-quality materials and features a special varnish to prevent scratching the graphic, ensuring longevity. Weighing just 1.28 ounces, this mudguard is easy to install using zip ties and provides excellent protection.

With overwhelmingly positive customer feedback, praising its durability, ease of installation, and appealing design, the All Mountain Style Front Mudguard stands out as a top choice for riders looking to keep mud and debris at bay.


  • Offers reliable protection against mud, water spray, dirt, and debris.
  • Sleek design with high-quality materials and scratch-resistant varnish.
  • Easy to install on various types of bikes with zip ties.


  • Limited color options are available.

1. FIFTY-FIFTY Mountain Bike Fender

FIFTY-FIFTY Mountain Bike Fender

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With its sturdy yet lightweight polypropylene construction and compatibility with various tire sizes, the FIFTY-FIFTY Mountain Bike Fender offers effective protection from mud and debris for cyclists seeking durability and versatility in their MTB mudguards. This simple yet efficient mudguard is designed to shield you from front wheel spray and debris, ensuring a cleaner ride. Compatible with front forks and rear seats (for disc brake use only), it safeguards fork stanchions and bridges from dirt buildup.

The fender’s four-point fixation system, along with heavy-duty zip ties and clear installation instructions, make it easy to install. Customers have praised its durability, flexibility, and easy adjustability for different tire sizes, including 26”, 27.5”, and 29”, as well as plus-size and fat bike tires.


  • Sturdy polypropylene construction
  • Compatibility with different tire sizes
  • Effective protection from front wheel spray and debris


  • May not completely prevent splatter

What to consider when choosing the best MTB mudguards

MBT Mudguard

Bike Frame Compatibility

Consider the compatibility of your bike frame when selecting the most suitable MTB mudguards for your riding needs. Check if your bike frame has the necessary mounting points or clearance for the mudguards you’re considering. Some mudguards require specific frame designs or tire sizes to fit properly without interfering with the wheels.

Full-suspension frames might’ve limited space for mudguard installation, so opt for flexible or adjustable options. Additionally, take into account the type of riding you do and how the mudguards might affect your bike’s performance.

Ensuring that the mudguards you choose are compatible with your bike frame will help prevent any issues during your rides and maintain optimal functionality.


To maximize protection and minimize splatter on your mountain bike rides, selecting the best MTB mudguards involves assessing the extent of coverage they provide and how effectively they shield you and your bike from mud and debris.

Look for mudguards that offer ample coverage both in width and length to ensure they protect you and your bike from the elements. Consider options that extend close to the ground to prevent mud and water from spraying onto your frame, drivetrain, and yourself.

Additionally, choose mudguards that are designed to fit your specific wheel size and tire width to guarantee optimal coverage. The more comprehensive the coverage, the better your riding experience will be with reduced cleanup and maintenance after each ride.


To make an informed choice when selecting the best MTB mudguards, understanding the materials used in their construction is crucial for durability and performance.

Mudguards are commonly made from materials like plastic, aluminum, or composite blends. Plastic mudguards are lightweight and affordable, offering basic protection against mud and water. Aluminum mudguards are robust and durable, ideal for rough terrains but can be heavier. Composite blends provide a balance between strength and weight, offering decent protection without adding much bulk.

When choosing a mudguard material, consider your riding style, the terrain you frequent, and the level of protection needed. Selecting the right material will ensure your mudguards can withstand the demands of mountain biking while effectively keeping you clean and mud-free.

Ease of Installation

When selecting the best MTB mudguards, evaluating the ease of installation is crucial in ensuring a hassle-free and efficient setup process. Look for mudguards with simple attachment mechanisms like quick-release straps or tool-free mounting systems. Consider options with adjustable fittings to accommodate different frame sizes and tire widths easily.

Additionally, check for clear instructions and online tutorials that can aid in the installation process. Some mudguards come with universal fittings, making them compatible with a wide range of bikes, simplifying the installation further. Prioritize mudguards with secure fastening systems to prevent rattling or movement during rides, ensuring a snug and stable fit that won’t require frequent adjustments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Mudguards Be Easily Installed on Any Type of Mountain Bike, or Are There Specific Requirements for Compatibility?

Mudguards can vary in installation ease based on bike type. Compatibility requirements exist, considering frame design, tire clearance, and attachment points. Refer to manufacturer instructions for specifics. Personalizing fit may be needed for optimal protection.

Are There Any Specialized Cleaning or Maintenance Tips for Keeping MTB Mudguards in Top Condition?

To keep your MTB mudguards in top condition, regularly clean them with mild soap and water. Inspect for any damage or loose fittings. Tighten screws as needed. Avoid using harsh chemicals or high-pressure washers to prevent damage.

How Do Different Materials Used in Mudguards Affect Their Durability and Performance in Varying Weather Conditions?

Different materials in mudguards impact durability and performance in specific weather. Plastic guards are lightweight but may crack. Aluminum offers durability but can be heavier. Carbon fiber provides strength but is expensive. Choose based on needs and conditions.

Are There Any Specific Regulations or Guidelines for Using MTB Mudguards in Different Biking Environments or Competitions?

When using MTB mudguards in various biking environments or competitions, regulations may vary. Ensure your mudguard is securely attached, does not pose a danger to others, and complies with any specific rules set by event organizers or trail managers.

Can MTB Mudguards Be Customized or Modified to Fit Specific Preferences or Styles of Riding?

To customize MTB mudguards to fit your riding style, consider altering the shape, material, or coverage. Some riders modify fenders for better protection or aesthetics. Experiment with different sizes, graphics, or attachments for a personalized touch.


When choosing the best MTB mudguards of 2024, consider your riding style and terrain preferences. Look for mudguards that offer both protection and style, with innovative features and durable materials. With the right mudguard, you can confidently tackle muddy trails while keeping yourself and your bike clean. Stay ahead of the mud and debris with the top picks for MTB mudguards tailored for the challenges of 2024.