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Best MTB Bottom Brackets of 2024

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Curious about which bottom bracket reigns supreme on the trails in 2024? You’ve heard whispers about the game-changing advancements in MTB bottom bracket technology this year.

But which option will truly elevate your biking experience to the next level? Stay tuned to uncover the top picks that promise enhanced performance and durability, ensuring you conquer every ride with precision and power.

Best MTB bottom brackets of 2024

5. DJC Bike Ceramic Bearing Bottom Bracket

DJC Bike Ceramic Bearing Bottom Bracket

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For those seeking unparalleled durability and performance in their MTB bottom brackets, the DJC Bike Ceramic Bearing Bottom Bracket stands out as the top choice in 2024. Crafted with a sealed ceramic bearing inside, this bottom bracket offers low centrifugal force, exceptional durability, superior lubrication, high-temperature resistance, and high-speed capabilities.

The precision machined threads, constructed from high-strength aluminum alloy through CNC processes, ensure a lightweight yet durable design. With a shell width that fits 68-73mm widths and English BSA threads, it’s compatible with various MTB and road bike frames. Installation is simplified for BSA threaded frames without the need to face the frame, and the serviceable ceramic bearings allow for future maintenance or replacement.


  • Sealed ceramic bearing for low centrifugal force and high durability.
  • Precision machined threads from high-strength aluminum alloy.
  • Lightweight design with high-temperature resistance.


  • May come at a higher price point compared to traditional bottom brackets.

4. Race Face None X-Type Team XC MTB Bottom Bracket

Race Face None X-Type Team XC MTB Bottom Bracket

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With its trimmed weight, doubled bearing count, and internal tapered sidewalls, the Race Face None X-Type Team XC MTB Bottom Bracket stands out as an ideal choice for cyclists seeking smooth pedal strokes and durability in their mountain biking endeavors.

This bottom bracket fits most 24mm spindle external mountain BB systems, offering compatibility with Shimano and FSA cranksets. Constructed with light 7050 aluminum and featuring fully sealed bearings, it ensures a long lifespan with no creaking or misalignment issues.

The Race Face X-Type Team BB is praised for its smoothness, easy installation, and perfect fit for specific bike models. Cyclists appreciate its high quality and durability, making it a recommended purchase for those looking for longevity and performance on the trails.

3. SHIMANO XT BB-MT800 Bottom Bracket

SHIMANO XT BB-MT800 Bottom Bracket

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The SHIMANO XT BB-MT800 Bottom Bracket stands out as an optimal choice for avid cyclists seeking top-notch performance and durability in their MTB bottom bracket. With English threading and compatibility with Hollowtech II cranksets, this bottom bracket features aluminum cups and steel bearings for enhanced strength and longevity. The small ball bearings improve rotation efficiency, while the superior sealing ensures reliability in various riding conditions.

Included in the package are right and left adapters (BSA), bearings, and inner covers for added convenience. Designed for Deore XT M800 and Non-Series MT800 from Shimano, this bottom bracket fits a press-fit BB shell width of 68/73mm with a threaded crank interface. Experience reduced resistance and a perfect fit on various bike models, making it a top choice for your cycling needs.


  • Enhanced strength and longevity with aluminum cups and steel bearings.
  • Improved rotation efficiency with small ball bearings.
  • Reliable performance in various riding conditions with superior sealing.


  • May have quality control issues, such as broken plastic bearing bushings.

2. SHIMANO BB-MT800 BSA-Innenlager

SHIMANO BB-MT800 BSA-Innenlager

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Ideal for avid cyclists seeking top-notch performance and durability, the SHIMANO BB-MT800 BSA-Innenlager stands out as a premier choice among the Best MTB Bottom Brackets of 2024.

This bottom bracket, constructed from a combination of plastic and metal, boasts dimensions of 4.72 x 4.72 x 1.97 inches and a weight of 0.25 pounds. Featuring a reliable ball bearing system, the BB-MT800 comes in a sleek black color and is designed for unisex-adult cyclists.

With positive user reviews highlighting its smooth operation and ease of installation, this model offers compatibility with various cranksets and frames. Pre-lubed for convenience, the SHIMANO BB-MT800 BSA-Innenlager has garnered praise for its durability and performance, making it a popular choice for cyclists looking for quality and value in their bottom bracket selection.


  • Smooth operation and ease of installation.
  • Compatibility with various cranksets and frames.
  • Positive user reviews on durability and performance.


  • May require specific tools for installation.

1. SRAM Dub English/BSA Threaded MTB Bottom Bracket

SRAM Dub English/BSA Threaded MTB Bottom Bracket

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Featuring Gutter Seal Technology for enhanced sealing, the SRAM Dub English/BSA Threaded MTB Bottom Bracket stands out as the top choice for male riders seeking a durable and versatile bottom bracket solution in the realm of Best MTB Bottom Brackets.

This black bottom bracket from SRAM is equipped with sealed cartridge bearings and boasts an oversized spindle that fits all bottom bracket standards with a size of 68mm. The package dimensions are 4.88 x 3.31 x 2.32 inches, and it weighs 0.11 kilograms. With item dimensions of 5 x 4 x 3 inches and a weight of 100 grams, this bottom bracket offers easy installation, smooth bearings for squeak-free operation, and compatibility with various bike models.


  • Enhanced sealing with Gutter Seal Technology
  • Sealed cartridge bearings for smooth operation
  • Oversized spindle fits all bottom bracket standards


  • Package weight may be on the heavier side

What to consider when choosing the best MTB bottom brackets

When selecting the best MTB bottom bracket, you should consider factors such as bottom bracket type compatibility, material durability, bearing quality, and smoothness.

It’s crucial to ensure the bottom bracket is compatible with your crankset type and axle diameter for optimal performance and longevity.

Bottom bracket type compatibility

Considering the compatibility of bottom bracket types is crucial when selecting the most suitable MTB bottom brackets for your bike. Different models feature varying bottom bracket standards such as BSA, PF30, BB30, PF86, BB86, BB92, and more. Make sure your chosen bottom bracket matches your frame’s specifications to ensure a proper fit.

For instance, if your frame is designed for a press-fit bottom bracket, opting for a threaded bottom bracket wouldn’t be compatible. It’s essential to consult your bike’s manual or a professional mechanic to determine the specific type of bottom bracket required for your frame.

Material and durability of the bottom bracket

Make sure to select MTB bottom brackets that are constructed from high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity, a factor that plays a significant role in the performance and reliability of your bike’s drivetrain system.

The material of the bottom bracket significantly affects its durability under various riding conditions. Opt for bottom brackets made from materials like stainless steel, aluminum, or titanium for enhanced strength and corrosion resistance. These materials are capable of withstanding the rigors of mountain biking, ensuring that your bottom bracket can endure the demands of rough trails and varied weather conditions.

Additionally, high-quality materials contribute to the overall smoothness and efficiency of your bike’s drivetrain, providing a reliable riding experience.

Bearing quality and smoothness

To ensure optimal performance and longevity of your mountain bike’s drivetrain system, prioritizing the bearing quality and smoothness when selecting the best MTB bottom brackets is crucial. High-quality bearings, such as those made from ceramic materials, offer reduced friction and increased durability.

Smooth bearings reduce power loss and ensure efficient power transfer from your pedals to the wheels. Sealed bearings are essential to protect against contaminants like dirt and water, which can compromise performance.

Look for bottom brackets with precision-machined components for a snug fit, minimizing play and ensuring a stable and reliable connection between the crankset and frame. Prioritizing bearing quality and smoothness will enhance your riding experience, providing a responsive and efficient drivetrain system.

Compatibility with crankset type and axle diameter

When selecting the best MTB bottom brackets, ensure compatibility with your crankset type and axle diameter to optimize performance and durability. Different crankset types, such as Shimano, SRAM, or FSA, may require specific bottom bracket standards like BSA, BB30, PF30, or T47. Check the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure a proper fit.

Axle diameter is another critical factor; common sizes include 24mm, 30mm, and 28.99mm. Choosing the correct bottom bracket that matches your crankset’s axle diameter will prevent compatibility issues and ensure smooth operation. Installing the wrong bottom bracket can lead to premature wear, creaking, or even damage to your frame.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Expected Lifespan of a High-Quality MTB Bottom Bracket in 2024?

Imagine your high-quality MTB bottom bracket as the sturdy foundation of a house. With proper maintenance, it can last 3-5 years of heavy riding. Regular cleaning, lubrication, and inspection will ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Are There Any New Materials or Technologies Being Introduced in MTB Bottom Brackets for 2024?

When exploring new materials or technologies in MTB bottom brackets for 2024, you’ll encounter advancements like ceramic bearings for smoother rotation, carbon fiber for reduced weight, and improved sealing systems for enhanced durability on the trails.

How Do Weather Conditions, Such as Mud and Water, Affect the Performance and Durability of Modern MTB Bottom Brackets?

In challenging conditions like mud and water, modern MTB bottom brackets face increased wear, potential corrosion, and reduced efficiency. Regular maintenance, proper sealing, and suitable lubrication are crucial to uphold performance and longevity.

Are There Any Compatibility Issues to Be Aware of When Choosing a Bottom Bracket for Specific MTB Frames or Cranksets in 2024?

When selecting a bottom bracket for your MTB frame or crankset in 2024, you’ll want to be mindful of compatibility issues to ensure a seamless fit. Consult manufacturer specifications for precise guidance on matching components.

Can MTB Bottom Brackets Be Easily Serviced or Maintained by the Average Rider, or Do They Require Specialized Tools or Skills?

Maintaining MTB bottom brackets can vary. Some can be serviced by average riders with basic tools and skills, like external cup types. However, press-fit or integrated styles may require specialized tools or professional assistance for proper maintenance.


As you hit the trails in 2024, make sure your mountain bike is equipped with one of the best MTB bottom brackets to elevate your performance. Feel the smooth power transfer and efficiency as you conquer challenging terrains with ease.

Choose a durable and lightweight option that will enhance your riding experience and take your adventures to the next level. Upgrade your bike today and feel the difference on every pedal stroke.