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Best Mountain Bike Stems of 2024

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As you upgrade your mountain bike for 2024, you may find yourself pondering the best stem to enhance your performance on the trails. With a myriad of options available, selecting the ideal mountain bike stem can be a game-changer in your riding experience.

From improved handling to optimized comfort, the right stem can elevate your biking adventures to new heights. Stay tuned to discover the top contenders in the realm of mountain bike stems, designed to take your control and maneuverability to the next level.

Best mountain bike stems review

5. CXWXC Adjustable MTB Stem

CXWXC Adjustable MTB Stem

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Crafted with 3D Forged alloy construction, the CXWXC Adjustable MTB Stem stands out as the optimal choice for riders seeking comfort and control on their mountain bikes. This stem offers compatibility with handlebar diameters of 31.8mm and front fork stem diameters of 28.6mm, ensuring a versatile fit for a wide range of bicycles, including MTB racing models.

The four-bolt bar clamp design facilitates easy installation, while the adjustable height and angle provide personalized riding preferences. With positive customer feedback emphasizing durability, adjustability, and improved ride quality, this stem proves to be a popular choice among users. If you value quality, functionality, and enhanced riding experience, the CXWXC Adjustable MTB Stem comes highly recommended.


  • Crafted with 3D Forged alloy construction for strength and durability.
  • Compatible with handlebar diameters of 31.8mm and front fork stem diameters of 28.6mm for versatile fit.
  • Adjustable height and angle for personalized riding preferences.


  • May not be suitable for riders looking for extreme lightweight options.

4. Azarxis 25.4mm 31.8mm Stem

Azarxis 25.4mm 31.8mm Stem

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For riders seeking a versatile and durable mountain bike stem that offers adjustable degrees and compatibility across various bike models, the Azarxis 25.4mm 31.8mm Stem stands out as a top choice in the market of 2024.

Crafted from high-strength 6061 aluminum alloy, this stem features a hollow design for a perfect balance of lightweight construction and robust durability. With a range of specifications including Steerer Tube Diameter of 28.6mm, Handlebar Diameter options of 31.8mm or 25.4mm, and lengths varying from 90mm to 130mm, riders can customize their setup to suit their preferences. The adjustable degree of 0-60° further enhances comfort, reducing hand numbness on long rides.

Despite some users finding it slightly heavy, the majority praise its quality, fit, and finish, making it a popular choice among cyclists looking for a reliable and adaptable stem.


  • Crafted from high-strength 6061 aluminum alloy for durability and lightweight construction.
  • Offers a range of specifications including various diameters and lengths for customization.
  • An adjustable degree of 0-60° enhances comfort and reduces hand numbness during long rides.


  • Some users find the product slightly heavy.

3. FOMTOR 31.8 Bike Stem

FOMTOR 31.8 Bike Stem

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With its lightweight yet sturdy design, the FOMTOR 31.8 Bike Stem offers enhanced comfort and performance for riders seeking a versatile option across various biking disciplines. Made of high-strength CNC machined 6061 T6 aluminum alloy, this stem weighs 140g and fits 31.8mm handlebars.

With dimensions of 4.88 x 2.68 x 1.81 inches and a package weight of 0.15 kilograms, it’s suitable for road bikes, mountain bikes, BMX, and more. The stem has received positive customer feedback, with users praising its easy installation, comfort improvement for riders with neck and back issues, and its ability to raise handlebars without compromising performance.


  • Lightweight yet sturdy design made of high-strength CNC machined 6061 T6 aluminum alloy
  • Easy installation and comfort improvement for riders with neck and back issues
  • Ability to raise handlebars without compromising performance


  • Limited color options

2. 31.8 Stem 45mm Bike Stem

31.8 Stem 45mm Bike Stem

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Optimize your biking experience with the 8 Stem 45mm Bike Stem, designed for cyclists seeking a lightweight and durable upgrade for enhanced performance across various biking disciplines. This stem features a handlebar diameter of 31.8mm and a tube diameter of 28.6mm, with a length of 45mm and a weight of 130g, constructed from high-strength aluminum alloy AL6061 T6.

Available in Black, Blue, Gold, or Red, this stem is suitable for most road bikes, fixed-gear bicycles, mountain bikes, downhill bikes, track bikes, MTBs, BMX, and DH bikes. With a CNC machined aluminum alloy build, installation is a breeze with the four-bolt bar clamp, making it ideal for bike modifications, DIY projects, and upgrades.


  • Lightweight construction
  • Durable high-strength aluminum alloy build
  • Easy installation with a four-bolt bar clamp


  • Limited color options

1. WAKE MTB Stem 31.8 90mm

WAKE MTB Stem 31.8 90mm

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When seeking a lightweight and adjustable mountain bike stem for enhanced riding comfort and performance, the WAKE MTB Stem 31.8 90mm stands out as a top choice in 2024.

This stem features a handlebar center diameter of 31.8mm and a steerer tube diameter of 28.6mm, constructed from high-intensity aluminum alloy AL6061 T6. Weighing just 260g, the WAKE stem offers an adjustable angle ranging from 0-60° to customize your riding position. Customers have praised its easy installation process and the relief it provides from neck, shoulder, and arm pain.

With an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars from 2,184 ratings, this stem proves to be a popular and effective choice for riders looking to optimize their biking experience.


  • Lightweight construction made from high-intensity aluminum alloy AL6061 T6.
  • Adjustable angle range from 0-60° for customizable riding position.
  • Positive feedback on easy installation and relief from neck, shoulder, and arm pain.


  • Some minor issues were reported with sizing and adjustments.

What to consider when choosing the best mountain bike stems

mountain bike stem

Steerer tube diameter

Consideration of the steerer tube diameter is crucial in selecting the optimal mountain bike stem for your specific riding needs and preferences. The steerer tube diameter must match the diameter of your fork’s steerer tube to ensure a proper fit. Common sizes include 1 1/8′, and 1.5′, and the newer standard, 1 1/4′. The diameter affects the compatibility of the stem with the fork, impacting the handling and overall performance of your bike.

Be sure to measure your steerer tube accurately before choosing a stem to avoid compatibility issues. Selecting the right steerer tube diameter will enhance the stability, control, and responsiveness of your mountain bike, providing a more enjoyable riding experience.

Handlebar diameter

To ensure the optimal performance and compatibility of your mountain bike stem, it’s crucial to consider the handlebar diameter when selecting the best option for your riding needs and preferences. Handlebars come in two standard diameters: 31.8mm and 35mm.

The 31.8mm diameter is common and offers a balance of weight, stiffness, and compatibility with most stems and accessories. On the other hand, the 35mm diameter provides increased stiffness and strength, ideal for riders seeking more precise handling and control, especially on rough terrain.

When choosing a mountain bike stem, ensure it matches your handlebar diameter to guarantee a secure fit and maximize the overall performance of your bike.


When selecting the best mountain bike stem, the length plays a crucial role in determining the overall handling and comfort of your ride experience. The stem length affects the reach to the handlebars, influencing your riding position and weight distribution on the bike.

A longer stem can provide a more stretched-out and aggressive riding position, suitable for downhill or more stable riding. Conversely, a shorter stem offers a more upright and responsive position, ideal for technical climbs or agile maneuvering.

Consider your riding style, terrain, and personal preferences when choosing the stem length. Experimenting with different lengths can help you find the optimal setup that enhances your control and enjoyment on the trails.


Length isn’t the only factor to consider when selecting the best mountain bike stem; the angle also plays a critical role in determining your riding position and handling characteristics.

The stem angle affects how upright or aggressive your riding position feels. A steeper angle, such as 10 degrees or higher, can provide a more aggressive and aerodynamic position, ideal for racing or fast-paced riding.

On the other hand, a shallower angle, around 6 degrees, offers a more relaxed riding stance suited for long endurance rides or technical trails where maneuverability is key.

It’s essential to match the stem angle with your riding style and comfort preferences to optimize your bike’s handling and overall performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use a Road Bike Stem on a Mountain Bike?

You can use a road bike stem on a mountain bike, but it’s not ideal. Mountain bike stems are shorter for better handling. A road stem may change your riding position and affect control. Consider a proper mountain bike stem for optimal performance.

How Do I Determine the Correct Stem Length for My Mountain Bike?

To find the right stem length for your mountain bike, assess your riding style and position preferences. Experiment with different lengths to optimize comfort and control. Remember, the right stem can enhance your biking experience.

Are There Any Weight Limitations for Mountain Bike Stems?

When choosing a mountain bike stem, consider weight limitations to ensure safety and optimal performance. Exceeding the recommended weight capacity can compromise handling and durability. Always check manufacturer specifications and consult with experts for guidance.

Can I Use a Carbon Fiber Stem on My Mountain Bike?

Yes, you can use a carbon fiber stem on your mountain bike. Carbon fiber stems offer lightweight durability and vibration-dampening properties, enhancing your ride experience. Ensure proper installation and compatibility with your bike.

How Do I Know if the Stem Is Compatible With My Handlebars and Fork?

To ensure compatibility, align stem clamp diameter with the handlebar diameter and the steerer tube size with the fork steerer tube diameter. Verify stem length suits riding style for comfort and control. Matching components guarantees optimal performance.


As you embark on your mountain biking journey with the best stems of 2024, remember that like the stem connects the handlebars to the bike, you’re connected to the trail. Just as the stem provides stability and control, trust in yourself to navigate the twists and turns ahead.

Let the strength of the stem mirror your own determination and resilience as you conquer new challenges and reach new heights in your riding adventures.