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5 Best Bike Bells of 2024

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Bike bells might seem like a simple accessory, but they play a crucial role in enhancing safety and communication on the road or trails. Whether you’re navigating crowded city streets or sharing pathways with pedestrians and fellow cyclists, a reliable bike bell can alert others to your presence, helping prevent accidents and promoting courteous interactions. With a diverse range of options available, from classic dingers to high-tech electronic bells, choosing the best bike bell can be a matter of personal preference and practicality.

In this guide, we’ll explore some of the top contenders in the realm of bike bells, considering factors such as sound quality, durability, ease of installation, and compatibility with various handlebar setups, to help you find the perfect bell for your cycling needs.

Best bike bells of 2024

5. Binudum Bike Bell

Binudum Bike Bell

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For those seeking a reliable and versatile bike bell to enhance safety and awareness on your cycling adventures, the Binudum Bike Bell stands out as the ideal choice. This 2-pack bell set offers a loud and melodious sound, suitable for various bike types including road bikes, MTB, BMX, Kids Bike, and scooters. The 360-degree rotatable handle allows for flexible positioning, while the high-quality rust-proof and waterproof materials ensure durability.

With new designs and spraying processes, each set comes in multiple colors, catering to men, women, and children. The Binudum Bike Bell, with its compact design and adjustable ringer tab, isn’t only easy to install but also emits a clear and crisp sound, making it perfect for alerting pedestrians and fellow bikers on bike paths and trails.


  • Easy to install
  • Compact design
  • Durable materials


  • Plastic dinger may break easily

4. Schwinn Classic Black Bike Bell

Schwinn Classic Black Bike Bell

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The Schwinn Classic Black Bike Bell stands out as the top choice for cyclists seeking a stylish yet highly audible safety accessory. This black bell, suitable for all bike types, features an audible ringer that ensures your presence is known on the road. Its lightweight alloy steel construction not only provides durability but also adds a touch of elegance to your bike.

The easy installation with a universal attachment design makes it a breeze to set up, while its classic style with a handlebar mount enhances the overall aesthetics of your ride. With dimensions of 2.83L x 2.48W x 2.17H inches and a weight of just 0.05 kilograms, this Schwinn Black Bike Bell is a must-have addition to your cycling gear.


  • Audible ringer for safety
  • Easy installation with universal attachment design
  • Lightweight alloy steel material for durability


  • Limited color option (only available in black)

3. PRO BIKE TOOL Bicycle Bell

PRO BIKE TOOL Bicycle Bell

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Crisp, clear, and stylish, the PRO BIKE TOOL Bicycle Bell is a must-have for cyclists seeking a reliable and classic alert system. With its discreet and classic design, this bell is suitable for various bike types and provides a loud sound at 79 decibels, ensuring your presence is noticed. The compact design allows for easy attachment to your handlebars, while the precision and durable build, featuring a brass dome and aluminum alloy mount, guarantees longevity.

Available in a sleek brass color, this bell has received positive feedback on its quality, sound, and design from satisfied customers worldwide. Upgrade your biking experience with the PRO BIKE TOOL Bicycle Bell for a safe and enjoyable ride.


  • Produces a crisp and clear sound at 79 decibels.
  • Compact design for easy attachment to handlebars.
  • Precision and durable build with brass dome and aluminum alloy mount.


  • Mixed reviews on loudness and ease of installation.

2. Accmor Classic Bike Bell

Accmor Classic Bike Bell

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With its durable aluminum construction and loud warning bell, the Accmor Classic Bike Bell stands out as the top choice for cyclists seeking a reliable safety accessory. The crisp ringtone produced by this bell ensures a clear sound that effectively alerts pedestrians and other cyclists of your presence, enhancing safety on both mountain and road bikes. Constructed with quality aluminum and engineering plastic, this bell offers durability to withstand various riding conditions.

Easy to install on handlebars with outer diameters ranging from 21mm to 22mm, the Accmor Classic Bike Bell provides a simple yet effective way to signal your approach. Despite some reported issues with shell alignment affecting ringing and compatibility with certain bike types, the overall user reviews highlight its functionality, nostalgic ring, and value for the price. If you seek a functional bell with a good sound for your cycling adventures, the Accmor Classic Bike Bell comes highly recommended.


  • Durable aluminum construction
  • A loud and clear warning bell sound
  • Easy installation on various bike handlebars


  • Shell alignment issues affecting ringing

1. AirBell® Bicycle Bell

AirBell® Bicycle Bell

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For those seeking a bike bell that seamlessly integrates with an Apple AirTag while delivering a robust 85 dB sound, the AirBell® Bicycle Bell stands out as the top choice in the realm of cycling accessories.

Constructed from robust, fiber-reinforced plastic and designed for easy installation on any bike, the AirBell® also features a hidden holder specifically crafted for the Apple AirTag. Quality tested by TÜV SÜD, this bell ensures both durability and performance.

With precise dimensions of 1.65 x 2.36 x 2.36 inches and a weight of 0.03 kilograms, the AirBell® V1 guarantees a sleek fit on your handlebars. Designed and produced in Austria, this bell comes with a 1-year warranty, offering peace of mind for your cycling adventures.


  • Seamless integration with Apple AirTag
  • Robust 85 dB sound
  • Easy installation on any bike


  • Mixed feedback on sound quality and durability

What to consider when choosing the best bike bells

bike Bell


To ensure maximum safety and effectiveness when selecting the best bike bell, prioritizing the sound quality and volume is paramount. A loud and clear sound is crucial for alerting pedestrians, fellow cyclists, and other road users of your presence. Look for a bike bell with a strong, penetrating ring that cuts through ambient noise, ensuring you’re heard in various environments.

Opt for bells with adjustable tones or multiple sound options to suit different situations. Additionally, consider the material of the bell, as it can affect the resonance and richness of the sound produced. Choosing a high-quality bell with a distinct and attention-grabbing sound will enhance your overall biking experience and help prevent accidents.


Paying close attention to the mounting system is crucial when selecting the best bike bells. It determines the ease of installation and the overall effectiveness of the sound projection. Look for a bell with a secure and adjustable mounting mechanism to ensure it stays in place even on rough terrain.

Quick-release mounting systems are convenient for easy removal when needed. Opt for bells that can be mounted on various parts of the bike to suit your preference, such as handlebars or stems. Additionally, consider the compatibility of the mounting system with your bike’s frame and components to avoid any issues. A well-designed mounting system not only enhances the functionality of the bell but also adds to the overall cycling experience.


Considering the longevity and reliability of your bike bell is paramount when selecting the ideal option for your cycling needs. Look for bells constructed from durable materials such as aluminum or stainless steel, ensuring they can withstand the rigors of daily use and varying weather conditions.

Opt for models with reinforced clappers to prevent premature wear and ensure a crisp, clear sound over time. Additionally, choose bells with secure mounting systems to prevent loosening or rattling during rides. Prioritize bells with corrosion-resistant finishes to maintain both functionality and aesthetics for an extended period.


When selecting the best bike bell for optimal visibility, prioritize models with high-contrast colors and reflective elements to enhance your presence on the road. High-visibility colors like neon yellow, bright orange, or fluorescent green can significantly increase your detectability to drivers and other cyclists, especially in low-light conditions.

Reflective elements on the bell itself can catch the light from headlights, making you more visible from various angles. Additionally, consider mounting positions that offer unobstructed visibility to ensure that your bell can be seen easily by others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bike Bells Required by Law in All States/Countries?

In many states and countries, bike bells are not legally required, but they are highly recommended for safety. A clear, audible signal can prevent accidents and alert others of your presence, promoting a safer cycling environment for all.

Can Bike Bells Be Used on All Types of Bicycles, or Are They Specific to Certain Models?

Bike bells can be used on any bicycle, adding safety and flair. Whether you’re cruising on a mountain bike or zipping through city streets, a bike bell is a versatile accessory that enhances your ride.

How Loud Are the Bike Bells Featured in the Article Compared to Standard Bells?

When comparing the featured bike bells to standard ones, you’ll notice a significant difference in decibel level. The bells highlighted in the article produce a more resonant and attention-grabbing sound, ensuring enhanced safety on your rides.

Are There Any Specific Installation Instructions or Tips for Mounting Bike Bells on Different Handlebar Types?

When mounting bike bells on different handlebar types, align the bell clamp with the handlebar stem. Tighten securely using an Allen key. Ensure the bell faces forward for optimal sound projection. Double-check tightness periodically for safety.

Do Bike Bells Come With Any Warranty or Guarantee of Durability for Long-Term Use?

Bike bells typically come with warranties or guarantees ensuring long-term durability. Manufacturers stand by their products, promising reliable performance. It’s essential to check specific details as terms and coverage can vary. Consider these protections when making your purchase.


As you pedal through the urban jungle or conquer rugged trails, having a top-notch bike bell is essential for your safety and awareness. Choose a bell that not only suits your style but also ensures you’re heard loud and clear. Remember, when it comes to bike bells, it’s not just about the sound, but about ringing true to your own tune.